Our Story

Whether it’s a hunting trip in Prince George, camping in Quesnel, casting a line in Hope for the salmon run, or just biking along the dyke in Steveston, the Fraser River is a staple in the Pacific lifestyle. That’s why we believe it should be honoured and celebrated.

If you’re anything like us, then you know that feeling of reaching into a cooler full of half melted ice to grab a beer at the end of a summer afternoon. You crack it open and stare out at the murky water and mutter under your breath, “the fuckin’ Dirty Fraser…”

For that reason, Dirty Fraser Outfitters is an apparel company geared towards hard working individuals who earn the right to escape to the outdoors for good times with good people. So, get out there, break loose, get dirty, crack a cold one, share a few laughs, and take it all in while you can.

We’ll see you out there.

- The Boys

The Founders


An absolute wizard behind the lens and the designated campfire comedian. When he’s not making your girlfriend laugh or reeling in a big one, he’s doing some pretty incredible stuff with his cameras and drone which makes the rest of us bums look half decent.


This guy makes the Energizer Bunny look lethargic. He’s a rare blend of digital nerd mixed with a natural outdoorsman hunk. His tenacious work ethic allows him to build a website one day and carry a moose over his shoulders back to camp the next. 


Internationally known as the fire master. This guy will have your eyebrows scorched before you take your boots off.  Constantly laughing at his own shitty jokes, he’s one dude you don’t want to head into the bush without


For a guy that constantly brags about how he always knows where True North is at any given time, he sure has a lot of trouble remembering where he parked his truck last night. When he finally unscrambles his brain, he's actually pretty good at using it for creative aspects of the company and organizing "business" trips into the wild